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Making website is one of ways to make money , and I would like to teach you how to make website easy , simple and whit out knowing Coding , HTL Etc.

I want to make it more simple as more as possible, so follow me from today and you can find “free website making” learning.

So you can start making website soon and get small payments step by step,

for making website , what you need?

  1. Domain , you can buy from me or any other websites , WANING : if a website offer cheaper price for 1st year , they have plan to get more in future so be careful for that kind of offers.
  2.  Host , you can buy from me (it will be ready to use and also maybe sometimes I can help you) WARNING : be carful about websites like godady or hostgator  or … as and example , recently some hackers find many customers password and data from godady , very simple! and now maybe many websites of godady have backdoor for hackers!!  Unfortunately there is not standard way to fight with hackers but famous sites more targeted by hackers
  3. Free content management system , I strongly recommend WordPress to make your website , it is best for beginners , easy to learn and can make very beautiful websites, I will teach you step by step , follow me

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